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Annvix is a secure Linux server distribution. The goal is to provide an easy-to-use server distribution with high security features including a Linux kernel with AppArmor support, gcc with stack protection, and secure defaults for all services. It also includes unique features such as running all services under runit, and auditing tools such as rsec (msec's baby brother), aide, snort, and rkhunter. It uses apt-get (for RPM) for package management.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Dec 2007 01:03

    Release Notes: Kernel with AppArmor. Updated services (latest PHP, Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Samba, etc.) and updated core (Glibc 2.6.1, newer binutils, etc.).

    •  05 Feb 2007 07:40

      Release Notes: This version includes a 2.6.16 kernel, many updated services, a greatly enhanced installer, and a completely overhauled init system. It uses the tcb suite for authentication rather than shadow passwords. It also now uses apt-rpm by default and provides many other new features and enhancements.

      •  19 Feb 2006 08:57

        Release Notes: Changes include the re-introduction of RSBAC support, updated srv, some updated packages, and security fixes.

        •  29 Oct 2005 07:32

          Release Notes: Nearly every system component was upgraded. This included GCC 3.4.4, glibc 2.3.5, and new exim, Apache, and MySQL versions. Kernel 2.4.31 with the Openwall Linux patch was added along with an enhanced srv for managing supervised services, an updated installer, an in-place upgrade script, and a lot more.

          •  29 Mar 2005 06:59

            Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and stability enhancements from the last beta are included. This is the first final release of Annvix.


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