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  •  10 Mar 2008 15:51

Release Notes: Bugfixes and translation updates.

  •  27 Oct 2007 02:55

Release Notes: Many crash bugs were fixed and improvements were made in plugin loading.

  •  07 Sep 2007 05:49

Release Notes: This release fixes several important crash bugs and improves stability.

  •  23 Aug 2001 18:14

Release Notes: Two nasty bugs preventing use of the application wizards were fixed. The GUI was cleaned up further. The HACKING guide (CVS) and FAQs were updated. The French, Spanish, Turkish, and Japanese translations were fully updated.

  •  26 Feb 2001 05:03

Release Notes: This release fixes a sed bug during project creation, a linking error, and some other minor bugs.


Project Spotlight


A polyhedral parallel code generator.


Project Spotlight


A commandline password manager based around GnuPG.