Version 1.2.3 of Anjuta IDE

Release Notes: Symbol handling was improved for structs, classes, and similar constructs. A realtime definition explorer was added for functions, macros, variables, and structs in message windows. IA64 and Solaris problems were fixed. Ctrl-C and Shift-Insert now work properly in a terminal. The debugger was improved. Bugfixes were made for project generation and double tags loading. Patches from the Debian tree were merged.

Other releases

  •  10 Mar 2008 15:51

Release Notes: Bugfixes and translation updates.

  •  25 Feb 2008 17:14

Release Notes: Many stability fixes and localization updates.

  •  11 Feb 2008 13:20

Release Notes: Many bugfixes, i18n improvements, and updated translations.

  •  11 Jan 2008 10:26

Release Notes: This release contains many bugfixes, debugger improvements, and internationalization improvements.

Release Notes: A new subversion plugin was added. Several improvements were made to the debugger. More new icons were added. Improvements were made to internationalization.


Project Spotlight


An NCurses-based Direct Connect client.


Project Spotlight

NetStats Baseball

A simulation of major league baseball.