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ANGIF is a C library to generate GIF format output. It can generate animated GIFs or true-color (24-bit) GIFs (using both at the same time, however, does not display properly on common browsers). ANGIF is completely LZW-free. There is no code implementing the patented LZW algorithm. That also means there is no compression and the files will actually be larger than a raw file with the same image by about 13% to 16% more. Command line level test programs are included. This is a quick rough-cut beta version with documentation only in the source code (the source code actually is commented).


Recent releases

  •  12 Dec 1999 22:00

    Release Notes: Correction of a bug in true-color partitioning where some images with a size N*16+1 would result in a recursion stack overflow due to an incorrect size comparison.

    •  07 Nov 1999 16:37

      Release Notes: Minor makefile fixes to deal with some linking issues.

      •  31 Aug 1999 22:37

        Release Notes: This is the first rough beta release.


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