Version 2.9.3 of Angband

Release Notes: This release contains various small bugfixes, better autoconf support, configurable player classes, and minor improvements to the tombstone screen.

Other releases

  •  25 Dec 2010 06:13

    Release Notes: A significant reworking of the item list, an altered identification system (you can use items to find out what they do), and a much more usable UI.

    Release Notes: This release has a much easier to use interface, and the game's item list has been revisited to make it more fun to play. The OS X version is also greatly improved.

    •  28 Jul 2007 16:06

    Release Notes: This is a bugfix release that fixes over fifty bugs present in the previous release, none of which individually are particularly annoying, but collectively merit a new release.

    •  08 Jul 2007 00:40

    Release Notes: This release includes many, many UI improvements, much better underlying code, and mouse support.

    •  26 Jan 2003 04:27

    Release Notes: Several bugs in the redesigned character dumps have been fixed in this version.


    Project Spotlight

    Ada Server Faces

    An Ada Web framework that follows Java Server Faces.


    Project Spotlight


    A diff/patch library for JSON-serialized data structures.