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  •  18 Feb 2009 12:22

Release Notes: This is the first really usable version. It corrects a lot of bugs from the 0.3 version, and adds a lot of minor features that make the server usable, such as daemonization, green threading (Python thread), caching, a major code cleanup, better DHCP compliant behavior, charge tests (with the anemon client generator), the removal of SQL injection possibilities, and more.

  •  01 Apr 2006 10:45

Release Notes: The database initialization tool (anemon-dbinit) was corrected.

  •  30 Mar 2006 23:50

Release Notes: The Anemon DHCP server is now distributed separately from the webcenter, client, and relay. It depends on pydhcplib and no longer depends on anemon-common. The log system is now working properly. An initial plugin system was implemented for leases. A simpler database schema is now used. A lot of bugs were corrected. Initialization of modules is now cleaner.

Release Notes: WebCenter no longer needs an external CGI httpd server to run. This revision includes a standalone version of WebCenter, a new Web interface, and a new

Release Notes: This release adds to make installation easier.

  •  27 Sep 2005 10:26

Release Notes: This release adds the (forgotten) fundamental Python module to the repository. The sqlobject versions of anemon server and webcenter are now runnable.

  •  18 Sep 2005 13:03

Release Notes: This release adds command line options to the table initialization software.

Release Notes: The server has new database support via sqlobject. Now the backend can be PostgreSQL, MySQL, sqllite, etc. Full DHCP server configuration is available via WebCenter.

Release Notes: The "tools" subproject was added. Tools are little programs for DHCP debugging and testing. Two new tools are available: [anemon-tools-getpacket], which permits you to grab one DHCP packet on a network, and [anemon-tools-bintopython], which converts a DHCP binary packet to Python/human readable data.

  •  24 Jul 2005 22:53

Release Notes: This release features better options support, syslog support, HTTP log support, useful log options in server.conf, and a lot of bugfixes.


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