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Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed. A full/selected package management mode was added. The home view was updated. Domain/group commands were added. Many new features were implemented.

Release Notes: The Web interface is now based on DIV elements with AJAX. Management functionality was merged. Asset management, statistics, and documentation storage were centralized. Package and file repositories for RPM-based systems were centralized.

  •  04 Sep 2008 13:31

Release Notes: Management logic was merged. New monitor framework types were added. Performance was enhanced. Filetransfer objects are supported.

Release Notes: The server was rewritten to be able to handle advanced multitasking capabilities. Many corrections and changes were made to the Web interface. syslog and cache were broken out into separate code trees and packages.

Release Notes: The events section has been changed to be able to search and save information and FAQs on events that are triggered in AES. RSS syndication support. Role-based access control. Management database support and integration with the Web interface. Version handling on specifications and all managed files and configuration. Event integration in open alarms and management differences has been changed. A bug in the filetrace section when saving a new AES configuration has been fixed. Optimization of AES database, new indexes, database, table, and install programs.

Release Notes: Cache server support. Autoclose support on monitors that resumes operation. Andutteye environment support. Various bugfixes in andutteyeserver and andutteyesyslogserver. A complete new Web interface with CSS stylesheat support for user/corporate themes. Various bugs in the Web interface have been fixed.

  •  24 May 2005 11:36

Release Notes: Monitor limit support, user-defined message support, and automatic upgrading of present monitors. Reformatting of load, swap, and memory monitors. System API support. A reformat of the communication layer. Autoclose on monitors that resumes operation. Various bugfixes.

Release Notes: Guestview allow or deny support, Andutteye admin support, and Category capabilities were added in the Web interface. A search interface was added for Syslog messages, allowing you to search for specific messages in the gathered syslog material. A "closed alarms" section was added, where you can see all closed alarms and which user closed each alarm. "Changed status by" support was added. Webfilter, syslogfilter, and syslog alarm trigger support were added. The syslog filter section in syslog_server was fixed. Manpages for the andutteye daemons were created.

Release Notes: The old Windows client was migrated up to version 1.27 with all features since then. Manpages for andutteye daemons were created. Snapshot functionality was added, which means that the agent takes a system snapshot of the node every time it performes its check. Pinghost failures on the Windows agent were fixed.

Release Notes: Syslog server support (a centralized syslog server integrated in Andutteye Surveillance). Syslog filter support. The syslog server ignores messages located in the Andutteye filter section. Syslog alarm trigger support. The syslogserver triggers alarms on user-defined regular expressions monitor specifications. Migration of the server configuration to one place for syslogserver and andutteyeserver. Code cleanup for easy moving of andutteye servers to their own defined directory or other structure.


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