Version 1.0.5 of auto nice daemon

Release Notes: Format string vulnerability has been fixed.

Other releases

  •  27 Mar 2005 16:50

Release Notes: Under some Linux variants, /proc/<pid>/stat always belongs to root, thus undermining the renice efforts. and(8) now uses /proc/<pid> instead to determine the UID/GID of a process. On the and.conf.5 man page, the examples were fixed (now defaultnice instead of default).

  •  10 Apr 2004 17:46

Release Notes: The ancestors of a process can now be used as an additional criterion for renicing, and the user can specify a minimum user id and group id, below which processes are left untouched. The signal handling configuration code is more robust now, and some rare 64bit bugs have been fixed.

  •  18 Jun 2003 17:34

Release Notes: This release adds a Zombie fix for Linux.

  •  27 Jan 2002 14:20

Release Notes: Ported to FreeBSD.

  •  16 Dec 2001 15:18

Release Notes: This release adds a port to IRIX/IRIX64 and SunOS, a fix to stop overwriting existing configurations through make install, a small docs improvement (command name and regexes), and a change to a misleading log message (a seemingly negative nice level). gtop has been added to the default config file.


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