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And-httpd is an HTTP server that maps URLs to files. In other words, in can take an incoming URL and map it to a file in a number of ways (for example, according to content type or language). It can also do authentication or IP based ACLs. It cannot do CGI or other kinds of code execution. It cannot even dynamically create directory listings (although it comes with external tools to do so automatically, and to create a "status page"). It currently has a $2000 "security guarantee" against remote attacks.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Sep 2006 10:25

    Release Notes: Auto ETag support was added. ASCII and raw MD5 content is allowed for the MD5 header. Unencoded authentication configuration is allowed. A match-error-response was added, as well as a default confguration that uses it to fix all the trailing character errors. TCP_CONGESTION support was added. The user.mime_type extended attribute is inspected for a file's MIME type. Other minor bugfixes and feature additions were made.

    •  25 Jun 2006 06:18

      Release Notes: A bug which occurred when the server was configured not to process HTTP/0.9 requests was fixed. conf.d sort order processing was fixed. An exception was added for localhost in default IO limiting. Some configuration options for syslog output were added.

      •  02 Jun 2006 11:29

        Release Notes: Cleanups were made for 64-bit architectures, the status page for non-running servers, numbers in configuration files, chroot, logging scripts, and hostname parsing. An index page was added. Fixes were made for static builds and uLibc builds. A possible XSS on redirects in HTML interpreters is no longer allowed.

        •  07 Mar 2006 11:23

          Release Notes: This release added I/O limiting, a status page, optimizations for CPU usage, bugfixes, and code cleanups. The HTTP/0.9 protocol can now be turned off. Syslog configuration and X-Moz header configuration were added. text/plain redirects can now be used and vary header calculations can be ignored. Multi-step configuration of strings and numbers was added. An [else] test was implemented for matches.

          •  30 Nov 2005 11:50

            Release Notes: This release adds bug fixes, more coverage, more strictness checks, translations for error pages, and added local extra detailed messages on why errors are returned. All tools needed for scons builders were added: SSI, highlighting C, and automatic directory generation.


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