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auto nice daemon activates itself in certain intervals, and renices jobs according to their priority, and CPU usage. Jobs owned by root are left alone. Jobs are never increased in their priority. It is very flexible. The renice intervals can be adjusted, as well as the default nice level, and the activation intervals. A priority database stores user/group/job tuples along with their renice values for three CPU usage time ranges. The strategy for searching the priority database can be configured. Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Digital UNIX, Solaris, and IRIX are supported.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Mar 2005 00:50

    Release Notes: Under some Linux variants, /proc/<pid>/stat always belongs to root, thus undermining the renice efforts. and(8) now uses /proc/<pid> instead to determine the UID/GID of a process. On the and.conf.5 man page, the examples were fixed (now defaultnice instead of default).

    •  11 Apr 2004 00:46

      Release Notes: The ancestors of a process can now be used as an additional criterion for renicing, and the user can specify a minimum user id and group id, below which processes are left untouched. The signal handling configuration code is more robust now, and some rare 64bit bugs have been fixed.

      •  19 Jun 2003 00:34

        Release Notes: This release adds a Zombie fix for Linux.

        •  27 Jan 2002 19:20

          Release Notes: Ported to FreeBSD.

          •  16 Dec 2001 20:18

            Release Notes: This release adds a port to IRIX/IRIX64 and SunOS, a fix to stop overwriting existing configurations through make install, a small docs improvement (command name and regexes), and a change to a misleading log message (a seemingly negative nice level). gtop has been added to the default config file.


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