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  •  08 Dec 2002 07:08

Release Notes: Some bugs that made (x)inetd mode impossible have been fixed. Also, two minor bugs that could cause a segfault in some situations were squashed.

Release Notes: HTTP authentication has been added, as well as support for "filters" (which means that you can, for instance, downsample the music files before they are sent to the clients). HTML encoding of any "weird" characters is another important improvement which should help people with funny file names.

Release Notes: A status page has been added, some minor bugs have been fixed, and SysV IPC (SHM) has been removed due to too many bug reports. This version is considered feature complete, and the work that remains up until 0.6.X is bug squashing.

Release Notes: SysV IPC (SHM) is now used to store the file information (where available), which should save physical memory. Some memory leaks were fixed. Man pages were added and HTML template support was implemented (to customize the Web pages generated by Ample).

Release Notes: Ability to use multiple MP3 file sources, M3U import (use an M3U file as a source of MP3 files), and song length support (which is useful in the M3U files sent to clients).

Release Notes: A big rewrite in file parsing allows a lot of new stuff: Content-Length and Range HTTP requests (only supported by WinAmp), better browsing on HTML pages, m3u playlist generation, parsing all files at startup for a speed increase, and more.

Release Notes: This release is tested (and verified) with mpg123, XMMS, Windows Media Player, and WinAmp. An obscure bug which caused segfault sometimes has been fixed. The autogenerated HTML now links directly to the files, and Ample can send single files to clients (not just streams). "Content-Length" has been added so that WinAmp and Media Player can give "progress bars." There are a slew of performance enhancements and bugfixes.

Release Notes: Better daemon behavior, sped-up ID3vX parsing code, ID3v2 support, inetd support, libwrap (tcpd) support, automatic daemon mode support, config and logfile support, and a bugfix which reenables HTML indexing.

Release Notes: Support for sending song titles (using either ID3v2 or ShoutCast metadata), and stripping of "not wanted" ID3vX tags (which could case unsync and skipping in the sound).

Release Notes: Security fixes, very basic index fuctionality, and ability to listen to shuffled or ordered MP3s added.


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