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Amora (A mobile remote assistant) is an application for S60 Nokia smartphones written in Python (PyS60). It allows you to send keyboard events and mouse moving in your Linux desktop. You can control slides, movies, and any other application. Supported features include: mouse drag, double clicking, mouse left button, and some common keyboard keys (Enter, Esc, Space, F5, arrow key left/right, 'F', etc.). It can take a screenshot of the active window on your desktop and view thumbnail on the cellphone. Communication uses Bluetooth.

Operating Systems

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  •  15 Sep 2008 20:43

Release Notes: A bug with detection of Bluetooth dongle connection/disconnection has been fixed.

  •  15 Jan 2008 10:34

Release Notes: The server has support for multiple cell phones, CLI arguments, a Debian package, inclusion in Mandriva Cooker repositories, an RPM spec file (should make it easier to package for other RPM-based distributions), and man pages. The client has a stopwatch (useful to control time in presentations), an improved configuration screen, mouse cursor moving delta, automatic display of keymap layout at start to control the desktop, support for continuous keypressing, and SIS packaging for the Nokia S60 3ed.

  •  04 Nov 2007 23:40

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed in the server and client. A graphical keymap layout represents where each key is located in the cellphone keyboard. A Portuguese page was added in the Web site. The application runs from any cellphone drive. An "about box" was added.


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Query Interface

A Wordpress plugin for running database queries in the admin panel.


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HTML Forms generation and validation

A PHP class to dynamically generate and validate HTML forms.