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  •  01 Jan 2014 14:36

    Release Notes: This release adds several small (but useful) bugfixes. In particular, there are fixes for the "licenses" service type, fixes for the quotes page missing edit/delete links, and improvements for newer versions of PHP and MySQL.

    •  10 Jun 2013 14:44

      Release Notes: This release adds many new features, including new invoice templates, a better UI, credit notes, and more telco billing features such as VoIP billing.

      •  07 Dec 2009 16:01

      Release Notes: This release is mainly a bugfix release but also includes new invoice templates, various minor tweaks, SELinux support, and vastly improved installation guides.

      •  14 Oct 2009 13:27

      Release Notes: This release provides ACID compliance, improved user interface, numerous bugfixes, more PDF export options, a database backup utility, and much more.

      •  07 Apr 2009 22:15

        Release Notes: This release has discounting abilities, improved sales tax reports to handle partial payments, and various minor bugfixes.

        •  10 Mar 2009 14:07

        Release Notes: This release provides various bugfixes and UI improvements, as well as new service usage alerts, better time reporting, improved documentation, a PayPal payment gateway, and more sample code for developers.

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