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AltioLive Studio provides a development environment to rapidly build front ends to complex Web based applications, with rich client interactivity beyond the capabilities of the best AJAX front ends. Included are a Visual GUI builder, a backend integration tool, and other development tools, which allow developers to build the interface for their applications quickly, remotely, and without touching an XML or Java editor, so that they can get on with developing the business logic on the backend.

Operating Systems

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  •  18 Oct 2006 07:46

Release Notes: Bugfixes were made in the Lists, Datepickers, and Detached Windows.

Release Notes: Enhancements have been made to JDBC result set pagination to better support Oracle cursors. Detached windows now have customizable window icons. Server and application parameters can be encrypted in the configuration files. A number of bugs have also been fixed.

Release Notes: Enhancements to the List control include copy and paste of selected cells, different styles for lines in the header, and vertical splitting of cells. The JFreeChart sample custom control has been updated to 1.0.1 and expanded to cover more JFreeChart functionality. Print preview allows zooming and selecting which pages to print. JDBC services support pagination (Cursors), and performance has improved for queries that return large data sets with hundreds of columns. Memory usage and performance enhancements have also been made to the XML parser, both client and server side.

Release Notes: Total and Subtotal rows in lists are now supported. List cell highlighting can now be specified directly in the data. Designer now has the option to edit the source XML directly. Streamed updates can now have gzip compression applied. Previously, this option was only available for polled updates.

  •  15 Feb 2006 07:38

Release Notes: Failure messages are now correctly displayed after a conditional action block failure. Searching Online Help now works correctly with search strings written in non-Latin scripts. The help page for Detached Windows is included.


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