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alterMIME Pro is a server-side application that integrates with your existing Postfix, Sendmail, and Exim installations to provide disclaimer and X-header insertion facilities for email messages. Management is made easy via the Web administration tool. alterMIME Pro is designed with ease of use and email safety in mind. It was built on the alterMIME engine and extended with the most commonly wanted facilities.

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Release Notes: Dynamic disclaimer functionality was added. Disclaimers can now be modified with information pertaining to the email being modified.

Release Notes: A postfilter feature was added.

Release Notes: Sender-receiver filtering for statistics was added.

  •  10 Nov 2008 01:16

Release Notes: This release updates the ripMIME and alterMIME internal engines. It fixes statistics generation.

Release Notes: Multiple domain-disclaimer configurations are supported for v1.2, Level-2. A 14-day demo download is available.

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24 Oct 2008 08:10 pldaniels

Demo available from online download now
Being a commercial product, it's highly understandable people would like to run a demo/test on their own potential setup before committing to purchase, so with that I've added a "Demo Download" link to the alterMIME Pro site.

The demo has a duration of 14 days, after which it'll simply pass emails through unmodified.



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