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Alpy provides Python bindings to the Allegro game programming library.

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  •  29 Apr 2007 13:21

Release Notes: Experimental Windows precompiled binary support. Basic support for AllegroGL 0.4.x in an extra module named aglpy. tostring() and fromstring() methods in the Bitmap class for converting to and from raw strings for use with other libraries (PIL, pyopengl, etc.). topil() and frompil() methods for converting to and from PIL images. The Python Imaging Library is only required if these methods are called. All examples have been changed to use allegro_message and be GUI friendly, plus other minor bugfixes. AlpyError has been replaced with the correct AlpyException in the documentation.

  •  09 Jul 2006 13:48

Release Notes: This release fixes a docsubst bug in alpy.allegro_id and a bug in alpy.register_counter(). It adds support to pass Unicode strings to the Allegro C version. New exunicode_ascii and exunicode_utf8 examples show how to do this. The documentation.txt file is now fleshed out. alpy_set_alpha_blender() is available as set_alpha_blender() on the Python side. allegro_message() has been implemented.

  •  26 Mar 2006 17:08

Release Notes: Many documentation improvements and a bugfix for Bitmap.polygon().

  •  19 Nov 2005 21:06

Release Notes: More docstrings were written. Alpy now recognizes the version of the Allegro C library and defines a different set of global KEY_* values for them.

  •  16 Sep 2005 13:39

Release Notes: This release adds many docstrings for interactive help. It fixes two minor bugs with calc_spline() and text_mode().


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