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AllTray is a program you can use on UNIX and UNIX-like systems, such as GNU/Linux or FreeBSD, running the X Window System. It is used to “dock” application software into the system tray (also known as the “notification area”). AllTray aims to be standards-compliant and work with any desktop environment/window manager+system tray combination that is also standards-compliant.

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  •  23 Jul 2011 07:05

Release Notes: This is an emergency bugfix release that fixes several bugs in close-to-tray support.

Release Notes: Close-to-tray support, minor other bugfixes, and documentation updates. Note that to use close-to-tray support you must specify the -C or --enable-ctt flags on the AllTray command line; see the manual page for details.

  •  04 Sep 2009 11:53

Release Notes: This release incorporates many bugfixes, is translated into languages other than US English, and improves support for running under KDE and OpenBox (and possibly other software).

  •  12 Jun 2009 19:51

Release Notes: This development and testing release makes KDE applications,, and other shell-script-started software work under AllTray.   Vala trunk is required to build if you modify any of the *.vala files, plus one modification (a small bugfix). If you're just building the source tarball, Vala is not required at all.   A new "Attach Mode" is similar but superior to AllTray 0.70 and prior's “Click Mode”.

  •  06 Apr 2009 21:42

Release Notes: This release is a a rewrite of the source code to bring it up-to-date and compliant with current desktop environment and window management standards. It takes an application-centric view as opposed to a window-centric view of docking, making it possible to dock entire applications instead of just the first window it detects. This is a development snapshot, and is not intended to be generally used. It is for testers and developers only, and not all of the functionality is currently present.


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