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AllianceP2P takes the best from BitTorrent and Direct Connect and creates a decentralized and secure private P2P/friend-to-friend network for instant messaging and file sharing. Alliance supports file swarming (multi-source download) and is Unicode capable.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Sep 2008 02:08

    Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs, adds support for tray icon on Linux without using native libraries, and adds support for the Alliance Firewall. Subfolder downloading has been fixed. There is much better Linux support. Support has been added for the Java 6 system tray. Alliance firewall: IP Rules (access control lists). Support for plugins. Workarounds for the top three most reported bugs.

    •  12 May 2008 03:18

      Release Notes: This release has an option to hide the "You have successfully connected to ..." popups. It has better support for OS X, including a real icon in the dock, a nicer UI, and a real installation package. You can change the DNS name for a friend. Right-click on the friend and select "Edit hostname". Chat messages should now be displayed in the correct order. Nicknames may no longer contain HTML. This release does not crash when an inaccessible folder is shared. Several concurrent modification errors have been fixed. An error where Alliance locked up and uses 100% CPU has been fixed.

      •  19 Apr 2008 10:40

        Release Notes: File system events were implemented on Windows: when a file is added, moved, or deleted, the share is updated instantaneously. Many bugs were fixed. along with memory leaks. The program now checks that your Alliance port is open before you can invite people. Usability improvements were made.

        •  06 Mar 2008 11:55

          Release Notes: A speed column is now shown in search results. It approximates the download speed you will get when you choose to download the file. An ETA is also shown for search results. Popup menus were added to the friend and download tabs. Java 6.0 is now supported. Listening ports higher than 40000 are no longer selected. Files that you already have are shown grayed-out in search results. The download grid in the download tab is smarter about selecting downloads to display.

          Recent comments

          07 Mar 2008 20:57 abelau

          Calling for help in further development
          Just sad to see the development being halted for such a nice program....while there basically aren't any substitute (cross platform, unicode support, mutlisource d/l)...

          calling for help from any interested developer. (feel free to email the project author)


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