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  •  22 Jul 2007 05:33

Release Notes: Support for the Digital Mars C compiler was added. Mac OS X support was improved. Some bugs in the Windows GDI and DirectX code were corrected. The code for application switching in both Windows and Linux ports was made more robust. Rendering bugs in stretch_blit() and polygon() were fixed. Now load_bios_font() correctly handles 8x16 fonts. The is_trans_font() and font_has_alpha() functions were added. Many more bugfixes and overall improvements were made.

Release Notes: New functions were added: get_volume, get_hardware_volume, list_config_sections, list_config_entries, create_datafile_index, and load_datafile_object_indexed. Problems with draw_sprite, sub-bitmaps, and 24-bit bitmaps were fixed. Bugs were fixed with the DirectSound, qtmidi, Mac OS X, ALSA, Jack, and DIGMID sound drivers. Many fixes were made for Intel Macs, including support for universal binaries. stretch_blit can now be hardware accelerated with the DirectX driver. Many fixes and improvements were made in the X11 driver and Linux console and svgalib drivers. Some fixes were made for BSD systems. A new translucent font type was added.

Release Notes: Fixmul() detects overflows, as it used to do in the 4.0.x branch. A bug in the fixbundle Mac OS X utility has been fixed. Problems with the mouse position as reported by Allegro and the mouse position as known to Mac OS X have been fixed. Problems with joysticks under MacOS X have been fixed. Loading of multiple ranges in a single bitmap with txt fonts has been fixed. The fileselector in Unix not properly recognising filenames containing UTF-8 characters has been fixed. DGA auto-detection under X11 is disabled. A fix-point overflow in pivot_sprite() and several problems with the Watcom compiler have been fixed.

  •  19 Apr 2003 19:32

Release Notes: Some improvements were made to the documentation. The profile build on BeOS was fixed. Makeinfo detection was added under Unix, and fixes were made for a problem with make install libdir= and modules on Unix systems and an SVGAlib module unloading bug.

  •  31 Mar 2003 09:55

Release Notes: Little-endianness assumptions have been corrected in the 24-bit BMP reader, PCX and TGA loaders, and the X11 driver.

  •  17 Mar 2003 16:58

Release Notes: A fix for a build for the Unix->Mingw32 cross-compiler, a fix for a little-endianness assumption in the 24-bit BMP reader, a fix for asynchronous I/O mode restoring under Linux, and a fix for paterned drawing in the C version. The Intellimouse PS/2 driver works for USB mice under Linux. A conflict between magic main and the MFC was fixed, as was a bug with pack_fgets().

  •  27 Feb 2003 02:43

Release Notes: This version features compilation in warnmode for all gcc-based ports, compilation of the Unix port on x86-64, and support of Open Watcom 1.0. The Unix to Mingw32 cross-compilation now works again. There is a backport of the aRts sound driver, an improved graphic mode selector, fixes for a few things in the setup program, a fix for a bug in the fullscreen X11 driver, and fixes for stretch_blit().

  •  27 Jan 2003 19:11

Release Notes: Some improvements to the documentation, several improvements/corrections for windowed modes under Windows and Linux as well as an Alt+TAB bugfix for X11, fixes for some device name strings in the setup program, a new configure check for the include prefix problem with gcc 3.1 or later on Unix systems, updates to the scroll() method of the Linux SVGAlib driver to wait for a retrace, a workaround for a problem with DOS file attributes under Win2k, a fix for the mishandling of TAB characters in menu bar entries, and optimization of the load_bitmap() function family when no palette is specified.

  •  25 Dec 2002 13:39

Release Notes: The close button message has been internationalized. NetBSD, IRIX, and SunOS/Solaris detection have been added. Linking on Solaris, detection of ESD, a buffer overflow in the Windows debug version, a blank screen problem, and alt+tabbing under WinXP have been fixed. Support for plugin scripts has been added to the MinGW port. There is detection of left-hand mouse configuration under Windows. Bugs in scare_mouse_area(), get_executable_name(), and midi_seek() have been fixed. Catalan and Dutch translations have been added. Restarting timers and volume/pan in loop mode under Windows, keyboard focus under BeOS, and other bugs have been fixed.

  •  06 Jul 2002 14:58

Release Notes: Optimizations, improvements, and bugfixes were made to do_arc(), stretch_blit(), the color convertors, the hue blender, hsv_to_rgb(), and al_find*(). All header files are now correctly installed under Windows. The instructions were updated and the installation was fixed for Cygwin. The Swedish translation file was updated. A (French) Canadian keyboard mapping file was added. ALSA device detection was fixed. Sound no longer blocks the main thread under BeOS. Minor changes and clarifications were made in the documentation.


Project Spotlight


A portable, cross-platform program for brief system information.


Project Spotlight

Assassin of the Underdark

An RPG graphical nethack game.