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Release Notes: New functions were added: get_volume, get_hardware_volume, list_config_sections, list_config_entries, create_datafile_index, and load_datafile_object_indexed. Problems with draw_sprite, sub-bitmaps, and 24-bit bitmaps were fixed. Bugs were fixed with the DirectSound, qtmidi, Mac OS X, ALSA, Jack, and DIGMID sound drivers. Many fixes were made for Intel Macs, including support for universal binaries. stretch_blit can now be hardware accelerated with the DirectX driver. Many fixes and improvements were made in the X11 driver and Linux console and svgalib drivers. Some fixes were made for BSD systems. A new translucent font type was added.

Release Notes: This is the first version of the unstable branch after 4.2.0. Most things won't work as expected in 4.2.0, and unfortunately there's no documentation. It is useful only for very impatient users who want to get an idea of the new API.

Release Notes: This version features many bugfixes and new functions including get_color_depth(), get_color_conversion(), and canonicalize_filename(). The MIDI player passes controller events to the raw player by default. Devhelp documentation output now works with Devhelp 0.6.0. Big-endian support was added to the BMP, PCX, and TGA loaders as well as to the X11 driver. A conflict between the magic main() and the MFC was fixed, as was the compilation on x86-64. There are various improvements and updates to the documentation.

Release Notes: VGA/Mode-X drivers are now modules under Unix. There are QNX fixes and documentation updates. There are new prefixes for fixed point math functions to avoid compatibility problems. The Photon gfx driver has a new updating logic under QNX. wfixicon and bfixicon utilities are now documented. There is a new keyboard driver for BeOS and a new gfxinfo utility. The documentation is now arranged in a more logical directory structure. There are many minor bugfixes.


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A set of tools and libraries to access human-editable text-based databases called recfiles.