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  •  27 Feb 2003 02:43

Release Notes: This version features compilation in warnmode for all gcc-based ports, compilation of the Unix port on x86-64, and support of Open Watcom 1.0. The Unix to Mingw32 cross-compilation now works again. There is a backport of the aRts sound driver, an improved graphic mode selector, fixes for a few things in the setup program, a fix for a bug in the fullscreen X11 driver, and fixes for stretch_blit().

  •  29 Jan 2003 00:56

Release Notes: The documentation was improved, several improvements and corrections were made to windowed modes under Windows and Linux, an Alt+Tab bug under X11 was fixed, and device name strings in the setup program were fixed. A new for_each_file_ex() function replaces for_each_file(), and configure now checks for the include prefix problem with gcc 3.1 or later. The scroll() method of the Linux SVGAlib driver now waits for a retrace, the new timer synchronization code was disabled, mishandling of Tab characters in menu bar entries was fixed, and a weird compilation bug under Mac OS X was corrected.

  •  27 Jan 2003 19:11

Release Notes: Some improvements to the documentation, several improvements/corrections for windowed modes under Windows and Linux as well as an Alt+TAB bugfix for X11, fixes for some device name strings in the setup program, a new configure check for the include prefix problem with gcc 3.1 or later on Unix systems, updates to the scroll() method of the Linux SVGAlib driver to wait for a retrace, a workaround for a problem with DOS file attributes under Win2k, a fix for the mishandling of TAB characters in menu bar entries, and optimization of the load_bitmap() function family when no palette is specified.

  •  25 Dec 2002 13:39

Release Notes: The close button message has been internationalized. NetBSD, IRIX, and SunOS/Solaris detection have been added. Linking on Solaris, detection of ESD, a buffer overflow in the Windows debug version, a blank screen problem, and alt+tabbing under WinXP have been fixed. Support for plugin scripts has been added to the MinGW port. There is detection of left-hand mouse configuration under Windows. Bugs in scare_mouse_area(), get_executable_name(), and midi_seek() have been fixed. Catalan and Dutch translations have been added. Restarting timers and volume/pan in loop mode under Windows, keyboard focus under BeOS, and other bugs have been fixed.

  •  21 Dec 2002 10:02

Release Notes: A bug with nested data files in the dat/grabber code has been fixed. The wording about ABI/API compatibility and the description of play_audio_stream() have been clarified. NetBSD and IRIX detection has been added. The parameter of set_window_title() has been constified. The makedoc linking problem with Watcom, a compilation warning for set_window_close_button(), and a buffer overflow in the Windows debug version have been fixed.

  •  09 Dec 2002 20:28

Release Notes: The joystick initialization routine now correctly handles zero as the joytype. Fixes were made for the compile-time check for MMX asm support and the non-MMX asm color copy routine. Synchronization routines were implemented for the BeOS port, and the set_window_close_* macros were turned into inline functions. The SGI AL audio driver is now built as a module on Unix. Fixes were also made for a glitch with autoconf 2.53 on Unix, and the compilation bug with MinGW.

  •  30 Nov 2002 14:40

Release Notes: The two former set_window_close_* functions have been revived as deprecated functions. A new improved xkeymap utility was added. Synchronization to the timer code on multi-threaded platforms (except BeOS) was added. The save method of plugins now uses the same return value convention as the export method. Support for plugin scripts was added to the MinGW port. The default sound mixing quality was changed to 2 (the highest). A left-hand mouse configuration is now detected under Windows. A bug with binary data exporting in the grabber, introduced in the 4.1.4 release, was fixed. A crash which occurred when Alt+Tabbing under WinXP was fixed.

  •  19 Nov 2002 17:11

Release Notes: There are various improvements/updates to the documentation. A BSDism that IRIX doesn't like at all has been changed. There is a new SGI Audio Library sound driver, reduced cursor flicker in the GUI, support for non-blocking menus, and a Catalan translation of system messages. The Euro character has been added to the default font and German and French keyboard configuration files. A problem with set_window_title() under BeOS, a bug in scare_mouse_area(), bad behaviour at startup under Windows, a C++ compilation bug with Borland C++, and abug with 16-bit samples loading introduced in the previous release have all been fixed.

  •  24 Oct 2002 23:38

Release Notes: Solaris port now correctly links the static library. Linking problems for Borland C++ are solved. load_datafile_object() loads the properties attached to the object. The infamous blank screen problem under Win2k/WinXP was fixed. Several improvements were made to the generated documentation. New configure options were added for x86 processor optimizations under Unix. A new Dutch translation was added, along with a new text API text_*_ex(), which avoids using global variable for background color. set_gfx_mode() with GFX_SAFE now selects a windowed mode in windowed environments. A misuse of -I switch with gcc 3.0 and later was also fixed.

  •  01 Oct 2002 13:30

Release Notes: Querying of DirectSound devices under Windows has been modified. -fullscreen and -windowed switches have been added to the grabber. Problems with get_executable_name() under Windows have been fixed. There is a new FAQ entry about the C++ headers problem with gcc 3.x and Mingw32. The compilation problem with MSVC has been fixed.


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