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Version 4.2.0 beta 3 of Allegro

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug when loading greyscale TGA images, a bug where the bottom and right line of pixels was not updated on show_video_bitmap(), some unsafe assumptions on the size of integer data types, Allegro's internal multithreading in Windows (which fixes a deadlock on exit), a problem with hardware cursors not working properly in Mac OS X, warnings and errors with gcc 4.0.0 in the Unix port, and another X11 async reply. Now the seek in expackf test works with Windows line endings. Alt+key = ASCII code 0 behavior for the Windows keyboard driver has been restored.

Other releases

  •  22 Jul 2007 05:33

Release Notes: Support for the Digital Mars C compiler was added. Mac OS X support was improved. Some bugs in the Windows GDI and DirectX code were corrected. The code for application switching in both Windows and Linux ports was made more robust. Rendering bugs in stretch_blit() and polygon() were fixed. Now load_bios_font() correctly handles 8x16 fonts. The is_trans_font() and font_has_alpha() functions were added. Many more bugfixes and overall improvements were made.

Release Notes: The Mac OS X port is broken. A new mouse cursor API is used, but it doesn't work in Windows fullscreen modes. Some new API documentation was added with NaturalDocs. A new exnew_events.c example was added, demonstrating the new API. CMake and SCons build systems were implemented, mainly for Allegro developers. Various bugfixes and minor changes were made.

Release Notes: New functions were added: get_volume, get_hardware_volume, list_config_sections, list_config_entries, create_datafile_index, and load_datafile_object_indexed. Problems with draw_sprite, sub-bitmaps, and 24-bit bitmaps were fixed. Bugs were fixed with the DirectSound, qtmidi, Mac OS X, ALSA, Jack, and DIGMID sound drivers. Many fixes were made for Intel Macs, including support for universal binaries. stretch_blit can now be hardware accelerated with the DirectX driver. Many fixes and improvements were made in the X11 driver and Linux console and svgalib drivers. Some fixes were made for BSD systems. A new translucent font type was added.

Release Notes: This is the first version of the unstable branch after 4.2.0. Most things won't work as expected in 4.2.0, and unfortunately there's no documentation. It is useful only for very impatient users who want to get an idea of the new API.

Release Notes: Fixmul() detects overflows, as it used to do in the 4.0.x branch. A bug in the fixbundle Mac OS X utility has been fixed. Problems with the mouse position as reported by Allegro and the mouse position as known to Mac OS X have been fixed. Problems with joysticks under MacOS X have been fixed. Loading of multiple ranges in a single bitmap with txt fonts has been fixed. The fileselector in Unix not properly recognising filenames containing UTF-8 characters has been fixed. DGA auto-detection under X11 is disabled. A fix-point overflow in pivot_sprite() and several problems with the Watcom compiler have been fixed.


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