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AllCommerce is an e-commerce/content application based on Perl and SQL92 databases which runs under Unix/Linux/Win2000 using SQL database engines (MySQL/Postgres/etc). In addition to a shopping cart, it provides tools for content, merchandise, statistics, vendor, order, and inventory. Its modular design allows it to be used as a complete or partial solution.


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  •  15 Mar 2001 05:33

Release Notes: The most significant change in this release is a correction to

Release Notes: Multi-language support fixes for a set of priority one bugs that cause various problems when the default language is anything other than English, translation of new administrator templates into French and Spanish, further translations of error messages into French and Spanish, and a directory structure change of ESL to SPA (the current 1.2 releases held all the Spanish translations within an ESL directory).

  •  07 Mar 2001 19:13

Release Notes: A new Promotions Manager allows site admin to initiate and execute special, time-sensitive promotions from a Web interface. It includes the following promotion types: Discount (e.g., 20% off), Coupon, Free Shipping, and Free item.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

    Release Notes: This is the first stable release and includes an automated installer, expanded installation tree with i18n, extended data structure, WAP site generation, wml, shipping zone rate and zone map loader support, new administrative templates, cookieless shopping, CCVS credit card support (experimental), i10n-ized error messages, database extraction, MySQL support, and multiple store support.

    •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

      Release Notes: Changes to the database structure and administration tools.

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      28 Apr 2000 20:21 kdog

      Make that 0.7pre6

      >...KDog has a policy of not being able to count. Stable is 0.7pre6.

      28 Apr 2000 20:19 kdog

      Re: 0.9.2 -- devel only

      Freshmeat has a policy of editing project announcments, the following was dropped from today's (Apr 28, 200) announcement:

      This is a development release intended to serve as a guidepost and indicate how OpenMerchant is changing as it heads toward production release. For stable implementations, please refer to the 0.7pre4 release.

      Thanks, Karsten


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