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Alindis - A GNU/Linux Distribution is a comprehensive guide which leads the reader from zero to his/her own GNU/Linux distribution. In the course of the lecture, the reader will be able to reproduce the creation of the Alindis GNU/Linux distribution, the example implementation of the concepts shown there. The guide and the distribution together form the Alindis project.

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Release Notes: This version has a (very) much shorter table of contents and includes updated DocBook technology, as well as the new sandbox directory. Some sections are partially done.

Release Notes: Conversion to to XML (Web server and PHP are no longer needed), synchronization of the German version of the Alindis documentation with the English version, and changes to the documentation's XSLT stylesheet.

Release Notes: The complete, current table of contents is available as a draft in both English and German. The actual manual (in English only) incorporates most of it.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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Project Spotlight


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