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The algorithms package is aimed at being both simple and powerful for typesetting pseudo-code/algorithms in LaTeX documents. Since it uses the (La)TeX engine to generate its output, the results obtained are frequently of high-quality. The package comes with a manual and is quite easy to use in day-to-day documents.

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Release Notes: This version of algorithms incorporates two frequently requested features. The first is the ability to use \label's and \ref's for making references to specific lines of a given algorithm. The second new feature is the ability to change both the size and delimiters of line numbering. You can specify any size you wish and use (almost) any string as the delimiter of the line numbering generated by the package.

Release Notes: This version incorporates the ability to set up arbitrary indentation of pseudo-code. This is especially useful when submitting papers to journals with space constraints, as you can remove the block termination constructs (like "end for", "end if", and "end while") without being concerned with loss of readability. The manual was updated to document this feature clearly. The infra-structure of this release will allow easier future enhancements.


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