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Release Notes: This release adds a Web dashboard called pAAinel, which aggregates team activity into an iGoogle-like customizable JavaScript GUI page. You can visualize screencasts, aa logs, IRC activity, ohloh stats, and much more information about your team's projects.

Release Notes: The client now displays the tickets assigned to the programmer, and aa showticket opens the browser with the chosen trac ticket. The server/web now allows comments to each "tweet" to be stored.

Release Notes: (AA) log validation was implemented: the server now sends out emails to random team members asking them to validate a peer's logs for the day, encouraging them to write good, descriptive tweets of their programming activity. The (AA) client has a new parameter to display the remaining time for the session and for each 15min timeslot within which a tweet must be made. Numerous bugfixes and minor enhancements to both server and client were also carried out.

Release Notes: This release adds a new option for logging development activities offline (aa alert) or online (aa shout). It also added a PyGTK GUI with GNOME integration. It uses espeak + libnotify for reminding the programmer to tweet/share his activity. The server now has an option to add screencasts per log section, which is essential for distributed development.

Release Notes: The (AA) client now reminds the user every 15min or so to quickly tweet/log his activity to be shared with his coworkers in the (AA) web. The logs are locally stored until the end of the session (2h by default), and are then pushed to the server for automatic and peer validation and public aggregation in a live feed. This encourages collaboration and micro-documentation of activities.

  •  04 Sep 2011 07:42

Release Notes: The basics of (AA) now work: a commandline client reports when a work session starts, logs developer tweets to the team, then pushes the log to the server which then validates these and displays in an aggregate (AA) feed page for social validation. This version is currently being used for coordinating software development at Lab Macambira.


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A foundation class library.


Project Spotlight


A utility for monitoring Unix system services.