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  •  22 Jul 2013 04:33

Release Notes: This release adds a text and CSS selector search engine for the response. It improves the HTML and atom sidebar and the sidebar search to find a specific element. It implements the jsoup library for HTML parsing.

  •  16 Apr 2013 21:35

Release Notes: This release adds syntax highlighting and the ability to click on hyperlinks within the textarea using the rsyntaxtextarea library. It adds an option to insert sample form posts and file upload requests. It adds a request processor, which writes the request to the stdin of a given command and uses the stdout as request. In this way you can use any scripting language to build your request. This release implements a JSON formatter and fixes some bugs.

  •  01 Jan 2013 23:00

Release Notes: This release adds HTTPS support, can save a certificate as a file in DER format, adds a cookie manager and an image viewer, and fixes bugs.

  •  15 Oct 2012 20:20

Release Notes: This release adds a custom sidebar panel for each tab. The sidebar is only displayed if a resource handler is available for the content type. An HTML handler has been added that displays all links, images and objects of an HTML page, and there is an atom handler that shows all entry titles. A hex view has been added for binary content. Downloading of binary content like images, etc. has been fixed, as well as a URL resolving issue and some minor bugs.

  •  03 Oct 2012 21:18

Release Notes: This release adds a link sidebar to have an overview of all available links of the current Web site. It improves the code design of the application so that it is easier to add new sidebar gadgets or request/response filters. It also adds a URL wrapper to make whois or DNS lookup requests on the given host.

  •  26 May 2012 20:28

Release Notes: This release makes an critical fix to URL parsing so GET parameters in textfields are not ignored. Each tab has now a seperate URL textfield, and the resolving of relative URLs has been improved. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

  •  14 May 2012 00:32

Release Notes: This release adds a direct download option for the response, improves the defined shortcuts and the link list search, fixes the XML formatter, and updates DNS request handling.

  •  16 Oct 2011 01:12

Release Notes: This release implements the Apache HTTP core library to manage HTTP requests, removes the charset response filter because it's handled by the library, adds a follow location response filter, and fixes some bugs.


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