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AlchemySOAP is a fork of the EasySoap++ SOAP 1.1 library, adding enhanced protocol support (SOAP 1.2), a large number of automated unit tests and interoperability tests, multithreaded SOAP request handling, optional SSL/DOM, serialization improvements to work with WS-* protocols, and more features. AlchemySOAP can interoperate with a large number of third party SOAP stacks. It includes implementations of all SOAP 1.2 interoperability tests defined in "W3C Recommendation: SOAP Version 1.2 Specification, Assertions and Test Collection". This library is designed with speed and portability in mind. It has been tested on Win32 and Linux, but should work on most POSIX-compliant operating systems.

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Release Notes: Support for SOAP 1.2 was added. The SOAPServer and SOAPServerDispatch classes were refactored to allow multithreaded handling of requests. Serialization and deserialization of Xerces-C elements are supported. Saving whitespace between SOAP elements during deserialization and including it during serialization is supported. This allows a SOAP message to remain the same after the deserialization or serialization cycle (which is needed for WS-Security).


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