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06 Mar 2008 07:21 sghsgm

I got this project, Album shaper in the source forge site, but I don't know to build it well.
I built it with complex way so time for compile is too long.
I thank you to give compile kits or to know how to compile it easy.

31 Jan 2006 08:18 stevemidgley

Not such a great product for large #'s of files (winxp)
I tried to use this product for WinXP client publishing to Linux/Apache webserver. I have two problems:

1) Very slow - it takes a long time to load images into the system.

2) Copies rather than references. Instead of referncing my source images, it makes copies of them. This isn't so great if you're trying to manage gigs of photos.

On the plus side the UI is pretty good and has lots of nice features. But it looks like it's for pretty small collections of files - and for people with disk space to burn, or who are willing to move their source files into a foreign directory structure and delete their original files (gulp).


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