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  •  17 Dec 2007 09:21

Release Notes: This release adds parsing of St. Lawrence Seaway and IMO binary messages. Helper functions have been added to allow the Python module to access the arrays of structs used to store the new information. It also fixes handling of binary message payloads in messages 6,8 and 17. A small bug related to message 14's spare bits (should be 2, not 1) has been fixed.

  •  02 Dec 2006 11:28

Release Notes: This version features the addition of a Visual Basic DLL and a Delphi port. The VB6 DLL includes a Type Library allowing easy use of the AIS Parser SDK in VB applications. Example code is included. The Delphi port was donated by a generous user and is not officially supported.

  •  16 Nov 2006 00:07

Release Notes: Python support is now included via a SWIG interface to the "C" SDK code. Python 2.4 modules are included for Linux and Windows, as well as the SWIG .i file so it can be recompiled for other platforms.


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