Version 0.1 of AirTraffic

Release Notes: Initial release.

Other releases

Release Notes: Support for order processing (the planes change accoding to orders sent by the client), planes change direction, speed, or height gradually and let the client know of its changes, and if the simserver cannot connect to a metaserver, it will start one up.

Release Notes: Ability to control the planes by sending orders to the sim-server, ability to start a metaserver if it cannot connect to one, a new Control Window that allows the client to give orders, network exception handling by callbacks, and new dialog windows.

Release Notes: A simple model of mapping locations to the radar screen was implemented. The client can visualize the location of a plane on the region the client controls. The client also maintains a list of the planes that the client learns about via the server.

Release Notes: A very basic plane model was implemented as a proof of concept. It is now possible to send and receive information regarding planes and their positions via a client subscription interface.

Release Notes: This is a developer's release. There are many behind the scenes changes. The most visible is that there is now an installer. The client now has threaded network connections.


Project Spotlight

C-ICAP Classify

An AI content filter.


Project Spotlight


A library that mimics the classical OOP style in JavaScript.