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Release Notes: New features include a new file storage system and human-readable file structure, magic file synchronization, auto-import, and multiple-directory support. Other improvements include graceful recovery from reboot, output to Shoutcast, a new "Program Manager" role, better frontend widgets, and one command Ubuntu installation.

  •  19 Jul 2011 12:38

Release Notes: This release added a new file storage system with a human-readable file structure. Magic file synchronization means that edits to your files are automatically noticed by Airtime. Auto-import and multiple-directory support allow you to set any number of directories to be watched by Airtime. Any files added to watched directories will be automatically imported, and any deleted files will be automatically removed. Also added were graceful recovery from reboot, output to SHOUTcast, a new "Program Manager" role, and improved front-end widgets.

Release Notes: Several stability and bug fixes were made. Incorrect information being occasionally shown in the top panel was fixed. A problem with Record Check box occasionally being greyed-out when creating a new show was fixed. The default genre is now applied to recorded shows correctly. Finally, a problem where shows repeating bi-weekly or monthly did not update properly when edited was fixed. This release candidate is not recommended for production use.

Release Notes: This release has 44 improvements and bugfixes, including the ability for users to download audio and cancel a show that is being recorded. The "Now Playing" screen now shows the recording status of a show. The upgrading and installing process was improved significantly. A new command-line program called “airtime-check-system” verifies the environment in which Airtime is being installed and troubleshoots problems. The Airtime installer will also now automatically detect if you should upgrade or install and take the appropriate action.

Release Notes: This version provides a reliable audio playout with sub-second precision, an improved interface with modern usability features, advanced user management supporting roles, and a Google-style calendar to schedule and move shows and playlists.


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Kernel Mode Linux

A factility for executing user processes in kernel mode safely.


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