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AIOTrade (i.e. Humai Trader Platform) is a stock technical analysis platform with a pluggable architecture that is ideal for extensions such as indicators and charts. It supports parallel quote data retrieval from Yahoo! or ASCII text files, historical (daily, weekly, and monthly), intra-day, and real-time charts, and candle, bar, and line charts. It has a calendar date/trading date view model. "MACD", "OBV", "ROC", "KD", "BIAS", "DMI", "RSI", "MTM", and "WMS" indicators and drawing of "Line", "Parallel", "Gann Angle", and "Fibonacci Line" are supported. You can easily write your own indicators.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Feb 2007 15:21

    Release Notes: The Yahoo! historical data format changed and has been fixed. A wrong date shown on chart view was fixed.

    •  16 Nov 2006 13:18

      Release Notes: Charting performance was improved a lot. An integrated scrolling and zooming controller was added. An icon was added, indicating the data source, such as from Yahoo!, CSV, or IB. Indicators and drawings are shown with the same frequency as current charts only. A scrolling real-time chart window which can pop up as a standalone window was added. An indicator's title can be double-clicked to pop up a standalone indicator window for detailed analysis. An experimental IB-TWS data feed interface was added. A chart can be saved to a custom time frame image, which can be even bigger than your screen.

      •  01 Apr 2006 12:35

        Release Notes: Minor bugfixes.

        •  26 Mar 2006 10:21

          Release Notes: This release supports daily, weekly, and monthly charts. All of the charts, including their indicators, will be updated dynamically according to the newest real-time tickers. The indicators and their parameters can be set separately for daily, weekly, and monthly charts. Drawing layers can also be applied separately to daily, weekly, and monthly charts. Historical volume distribution and zigzag indicators were added. Fibonacci arcs, Fibonacci fan lines, Fibonacci retracement, and Fibonacci vertical retracement drawing line were added. Adding a probability mass chart to any variable of indicator is supported.

          •  03 Jan 2006 06:21

            Release Notes: This release supports pluggable modules. The indicators were re-written based on more clear and clean APIs. SAR, CCI, MFI, and AR/BR indicators were added. Some bugfixes, code cleanups, and fine tuning were also made. User config files and data are not compatible with previous versions.

            Recent comments

            22 Jan 2008 03:08 ryanfernandes

            small date display bug?
            Firstly, the software is awesome. No words to thank you for this wonderful effort.

            I'm using the 1.0.3a version.

            I do have one query regarding the date that is displayed on the chart.

            After I refresh the data with Yahoo!, the chart always displays correct data with the previous date i.e, the data displayed is correct for say 8jan2008, however, the date displayed for that data point on the chart is 7jan2008.

            This happens even with 'Import csv' from historical data downloaded from yahoo.

            Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong?



            P.S. I'm using it in the GMT +5:30 zone.

            14 Jan 2006 23:24 hongweid

            Re: Req - printing
            added support for saving charts to png or jpeg files

            10 Jan 2006 13:52 hongweid

            Re: Req - printing
            Will support writing charts to png or jpeg file soon

            13 Dec 2005 06:36 hongweid

            Re: Realtime feed
            IB provides API for linking. Others not sure. I'll think about it.



            > Looks quite impressive. I'm thinkin of

            > testing for realtime trading. Is it

            > possible to link this to either

            > Interactive Broker, esignal or IQfeed?


            > Thanks

            > Ad

            11 Dec 2005 20:54 adesp888

            Realtime feed
            Looks quite impressive. I'm thinkin of testing for realtime trading. Is it possible to link this to either Interactive Broker, esignal or IQfeed?




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