Version 3.20120504 of The Aime Interpreter

Release Notes: A couple of reference chasing recursive algorithms are replaced by non-recursive ones.

    Other releases

    •  06 Apr 2014 20:47

      Release Notes: The procedural interpreter is now making use of the entire temporaries allocator definition, and its use needs to be updated accordingly. Libraries are expanded. A bug introduced with the recently-added line/words reader was fixed. An interface allowing passing all function arguments in a function call is added.

      •  24 Mar 2014 02:23

        Release Notes: Aime libraries are expanded. Silent versions of the error trapping interfaces are introduced. A more powerful line reading, word splitting function is included.

        •  10 Mar 2014 01:58

          Release Notes: A bug in the previously introduced function referral mechanism has been fixed. Two severe bugs in reference management have been fixed. A couple of minor C interface changes were made for greater uniformity. Aime libraries are extended.

          •  09 Feb 2014 18:47

            Release Notes: A symbolic type for the "object" type is introduced. A couple of bugs are fixed. Internally, the aime coded functions are now referable objects.

            •  13 Jan 2014 23:59

              Release Notes: This release sees minor extensions to the aime libraries and minor C application programming interface changes.


              Project Spotlight


              File type identification utility


              Project Spotlight


              A PostgreSQL performance monitoring and auditing tool.