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6's Spiffy AudioGalaxy Query Tool

6's Spiffy AudioGalaxy Query Tool is a package that automates queries to the AudioGalaxy music sharing system. It enables you to queue any song (at a minimum configurable bitrate) with one command line, even if the AudioGalaxy site is busy or unresponsive. It will also allow you to queue most full albums with one command line, by going on AllMusic.Com to look up the song list, and queueing up each of the songs listed.

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  •  13 May 2002 20:50

Release Notes: Support for giFT as an alternative to AudioGalaxy, and a few additional fixes due to AudioGalaxy's Web page format change.

  •  24 Apr 2002 00:04

Release Notes: A New Tcl/Tk based GUI is now available. Changes have been made to the "ag" code due to changes in AudioGalaxy's web site that caused it to fail.

  •  28 Feb 2002 09:54

Release Notes: Many bugfixes were made. A new module was added to search for track lists on FreeDB instead of AllMusic Guide and to try to match up songs on AudioGalaxy according to their stated lengths on FreeDB instead of strictly by their names.

  •  12 Sep 2001 21:41

Release Notes: Some bugfixes, and a new favRate option in the configuration file which allows you to select a favorite bitrate that takes precedence over the minRate/maxRate range.

  •  08 Aug 2001 04:49

Release Notes: There is now an error message that appears if an error occurs creating the "am" log file. Changed to deal with AudioGalaxy's new Web page structure.

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25 Jun 2001 07:27 endelwar Thumbs up

Suggestion for improvement
Good work!
just a suggestion for version 0.2: can you add in 'am' a eay to list the songs that aren't found at the end of the programme? or maybe a log parameter (without using am "author" "album" >am.log ; cat am.log | grep 'search failed')


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