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Agilefant is a backlog management system that can be used when spreadsheets and most of the current issue tracking and project management systems meet their limits. It is intended to be used with agile methodologies that emphasize building releasable software in short, fixed time periods, where features are commonly managed using "backlogs".


Recent releases

  •  10 Apr 2010 19:50

    Release Notes: This is the first public beta release of Agilefant 2.0. Compared to the 1.6 series, the 2.0 includes a totally new user interface, handling of requirements hierarchies, transparent project backlogs, and improvements in all of the Agilefant 1.6 functionalities.

    •  17 Jun 2009 09:47

      Release Notes: This version resolves several configuration issues on non-Windows platforms.

      •  11 Jun 2009 07:50

        Release Notes: Major new features are a renovated iteration view and a calendar view with a daily work view for browsing spent effort. There were also multiple minor improvements, such as new project types and clarified terminology.

        •  31 Mar 2009 07:25

          Release Notes: TODOs can be spliced into new backlog items. Timesheet report data can now be exported to Excel. Comments for logged effort can now be entered directly from the Progress tab. Item priority can now be adjusted directly from the Progress tab. Some bugs were fixed. Small UI and usability tweaks were made.

          •  06 Mar 2009 12:01

            Release Notes: Usability and user interface improvements were done. Agilefant's performance was also greatly improved. A handful of minor improvements and bugfixes are included.


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