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AudioGalaxy Browser

AudioGalaxy Browser is a program to complement the official satellite program for Linux from AudioGalaxy. By using AGBrowser, every dependency on another program to search for, download, share, and manage mp3s has been satisfied. It is a KDE program that handles running the Audiogalaxy client (restarting it if it dies or crashes), provides a place to edit user information and a place to edit share information, and has an integrated AudioGalaxy Web browser and a special MP3 share manager profile for Konqueror.

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  •  10 Apr 2001 18:04

Release Notes: The browser will now follow links that a user requests.

Release Notes: System tray icon changes to indicate connection status, configurable font sizes used in Webpages via the settings tab, and the Forward button functions as expected.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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