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Agar is a toolkit for graphical applications. It features a modern GUI system with an unobtrusive API. Agar can use different graphics interfaces, such as SDL and OpenGL, and it has been ported to numerous platforms, including game consoles and embedded systems. Agar is implemented in C, but can be used from other languages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Mar 2011 03:09

    Release Notes: This release includes major optimizations related to rendering, new features, and multiple bug fixes.

    •  16 Apr 2010 15:37

      Release Notes: Rework of the low-level graphics and input device interfaces. Support for interfacing with native window systems. As of this release, drivers are available for Xlib/GLX, Win32/WGL, and SDL. New drivers can be implemented through a class registration interface. Agar can be built without the SDL library, where SDL drivers are not needed. Improvements to the AG_Surface(3) interface. A widget "actions" interface. Many cosmetic improvements to the base widgets. The default theme now allows transparency in the color scheme.

      •  30 Aug 2009 14:38

        Release Notes: Improvements, bugfixes, and new features.

        •  03 Nov 2008 17:00

          Release Notes: Bindings for Ada were added. A math library was added. Portability and compilation fixes were made. Many improvements were made to the AG_Object system; object classes are now dynamically loadable. Error handling has been improved. The VG library was mostly reimplemented and is now documented officially. Important sizing, clipping/culling, and rendering-related fixes were made in the GUI library. New widgets include Slider and Scrollview.

          •  02 Mar 2008 20:10

            Release Notes: A thorough audit and cleanup of the thread-safety code. It is now safe to combine threads and OpenGL. Proper multiline editing in Textbox. New widgets: Slider, Editable, and Graph. Keyboard handling and undersize behavior of various widgets have been fixed. Small-integer/floating-point bindings have been added to Scrollbar. Arbitrary widgets can now be embedded into Table. Numerous cosmetic fixes were made to the GUI. Building on Mac OS X 10.5 has been fixed.


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