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Affiche is a clone of the MacOS-X "Stickies" application (lets you put little notes on your desktop). It works well on GNUstep and MacOS-X. The goal is to provide a good example for GNUstep development while also providing a useful tool.

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Release Notes: This release adds Spanish, Lojban, and Klingon translations, as well as a new application icon. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: A complete Preferences panel was implemented to set the defaults used when creating a new note. It's now possible to customize the title of a note. A German translation, a Swedish translation, and a French translation were added. Some small bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: The program now draws its own title bar and manages the move/resize operations on notes itself. The colors were changed to be easier on the eyes.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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