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  •  06 Mar 2003 01:12

Release Notes: In this version, new hosts now get displayed correctly in afd_ctrl dialog. The directory option "delete unknown files" now works correctly if the time was specified behind this option. A bug in the transfer log that sometimes did not show the number of files and bytes when an error occurred was fixed. The receive log now shows duplicated messages correctly. A new option, grib2wmo, was added to convert grib files to WMO container files. There were also new options, -m and -mr, added to show_stat.

  •  11 Dec 2002 13:48

Release Notes: The dialog afd_ctrl has optional short lines to reduce the window size when you have many hosts. An option to extract GRIB files has been added. The default age limit can be configured in the AFD_CONFIG file. Delete the remote file if the FTP command RNTO fails or if it fails to open the remote file. There is a new option, overwrite, that allows overwriting of files during renaming, so no file names with a semicolon are created.

  •  04 Sep 2002 10:07

Release Notes: Fix multiple local root exploits in get_afd_path() and get_mon_path(), which are used by nearly all binaries. Fixed some memory allocation bugs in dir_ctrl dialog. New option wmo2ascii, to remove SOH, ETX and the two carriage returns from the text. Old files are now logged in the receive log. Option to insert the current date into the subject of a mail and in the directory name when retrieving files from a remote host.

  •  10 Jul 2002 06:27

Release Notes: This release adds a new option execd to delete the original file. Dialog dir_ctrl now shows the number of files and bytes in the directories and queue that are to be monitored. The assemble option now works correctly, as does specifying a group name together with a hostname. A problem where the remove_dir() function would call closedir() twice and crash was fixed, as was a bug in create_db() that cause some files to be deleted when reordering the hostnames.

  •  26 Apr 2002 03:22

Release Notes: Priorities were broken in in the previous release, and have now been fixed. The amg process sometimes got the number of directories to be monitored wrong, causing it to crash or just ignore a directory. In the afd_ctrl dialog the bottom line is now drawn correctly when there is a change in the number of rows.

  •  04 Mar 2002 08:45

Release Notes: More changes in line style are now allowed for in the afd_ctrl dialog. When using server=hostname, the hostname will be displayed in the afd_ctrl dialog. A "reply-to" option was added for the mailto scheme. The number of logfiles that are kept for history can now be configured in AFD_CONFIG. The afd.spec file was included to generate RPMs.

  •  14 Dec 2001 09:06

Release Notes: A bug in the renaming function has been fixed. The speed of re-reading the main configuration file DIR_CONFIG has been improved. Jobs removed by the show_queue dialog are now removed from FD.

  •  30 Oct 2001 11:28

Release Notes: It is now possible to configure AFD to send a STAT at certain intervals to keep the FTP control connection alive. It is now possible to resend files via the show_olog dialog even when the "age-limit" and/or "trans_rename" options are set. SCP1 support was improved so that it can rename files. The source code compiles under HP-UX 10.20 again. A bad rename bug was fixed. Compatibility with Lesstif was improved.

  •  30 Aug 2001 04:35

Release Notes: Fixed a memory leak in afd_ctrl dialog, the view_dc dialog now shows the directory options, and made appending of files with FTP safer, by checking the date of file as well, and not only the file name.

  •  13 Aug 2001 08:48

Release Notes: Files of zero length are now always copied correctly, fixed the directory option "delete unknown files" which wrongly deleted files in the queue as well, new config file option "delete queued files", a new dialog to view what files are being queued by AFD has been added, it's now possible to delete files from the queue, the format of the HOST_CONFIG file has changed, two new parameters have been added to store the status of the host and some protocol specific details, it is now possible to set the idle time of the remote FTP server, and AFD has been ported to AIX.


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