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afbackup is a client-server backup system allowing many workstations to backup to a central server either simultaneously or serially. Backups can be started remotely from the server or via cron jobs on the the clients. Any streaming device, including a drive partition acting as a "virtual" tape changer, can be used for storing data. Autochangers can be used, if an appropriate auxiliary program, such as mtx or stctl, is available and working. afbackup has been tested on Linux, AIX, IRIX, FreeBSD, Digital Unix (OSF1), Solaris and HP-UX. The clientside has also been tested on SunOS and OpenBSD.


Recent releases

  •  21 Dec 2004 15:40

    Release Notes: Since version 3.3.8, Autoconf was modified to detect libacl and libattr more reliably. Autoconf was also modified to be able to build even in quite strange environments by overriding system specifics.

    •  21 Jun 2001 18:26

      Release Notes: This release contains bugfixes and major improvements.

      •  23 Dec 2000 07:26

        Release Notes: This release includes OpenBSD support, a tape locations database, media changer support, new cart_ctl command, support for saving the mtime for restoring of last time attribute, a fix so contents of the progress text window in xrestore are always visible. The server can now send mail to current users (%U) on the clientside (%H), includes a write messages to syslog function, includes path replacements (%L, %B, %V), and exhibits less strange behaviour if no logging path is provided. Various fixes are also included regarding toplevel directories with a name consisting of only one character, a segfault whilst restoring a filesystem entry with ACLs and several hardlinks, a buggy function in libdes is now avoided when not explicitly called, and a better algorithm to select the tape files for emergency restore.

        •  17 Mar 2000 03:23

          Release Notes: Bugfixes.

          •  07 Feb 2000 04:54

            Release Notes: The following bugs were fixed: Files with special characters in their names were sometimes not found during restore with given filenames. __descrpt had a problem when reading a pipe. When restoring relative to a directory, symlinks pointing to absolute pathnames were not created correctly. The device access timeouts did not behave as documented. Files were sometimes truncated during restore. New features include fewer problems on SystemV-like OSes, a tape usage counter, a new serverside callback command called "Tape-Full-Command", and much more.


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