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AF Architecture

Af-Arch is an N-tier development framework to quickly build high-quality distributed applications. It currently supports C and C# programming languages, which enables you to write client applications using them. It currently runs on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows, and is being used in production environments.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Feb 2006 12:10

    Release Notes: This major stable release added many interesting features, library dependencies news, a new API to make life easier, and improved memory efficiency. The GDA library is no longer required. AfGs, the server side support for Af-Arch, now includes built-in database abstraction support, which was implemented to fit better with the Af-Arch framework.

    •  04 Nov 2005 22:44

      Release Notes: This release adds two new supported return types: AfDalStringData and AfDalNodeData. They allow Af-Arch developers to get just a DataNode reference or a string value as a result from a service invocation. Two new reserved services have been added: reference and previous. They allow you to get a DataNode from an Id value and list previous elements starting from an initial cursor. There are many more improvements.

      •  26 Aug 2005 13:32

        Release Notes: Source code generation bugs were fixed in af-gen. The --enable-log option was added to aspl-clm, which activates log tracing (using the afdal-log API). The makefiles for Win32 were fixed. Af-Arch# build detection was broken, so a system without the .NET environment was failing to build af-arch. The vortex_connection_close operation in libvortex was improved to handle closing a connection with 0, 1, or n channels is a specific way.

        •  18 Aug 2005 18:03

          Release Notes: This release implements a new request notification mechanism, which allows you to track and keep notified client applications while performing requests. A request filtering mechanism allows you to control which request can be issued from an Af-Arch client application. This is used to stop/modify request emission under some circumstances. A new module called AfDal Naming allows you to validate and use service names, getting the different parts the service name is made of. Many af-gen fixes/improvements, and much more.

          •  21 Nov 2003 00:58

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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