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aewm++ is rewrite and fork of aewm in C++. It's just a simple window manager.


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  •  30 Dec 2004 22:55

Release Notes: There was a code clean up and a few minor patches applied, plus an updated icon menu which represents all applications on a given desktop for easy switching.

  •  15 May 2003 14:57

Release Notes: New keybindings for switching of virtual desktops with alt+number keys, a fix for a bug with the menu font, and fixes for gcc 3.x compiling problems.

  •  20 Nov 2002 00:25

Release Notes: The resize client code was rewritten, the way that wire frames are drawn was changed, and a few code cleanups were made.

  •  16 Nov 2002 15:05

Release Notes: The focus previous client logic was fixed. Alt key moving of windows was added. The wire-frame graphic effect when moving windows was rewritten. More code clean up was done.

  •  13 Nov 2002 03:01

Release Notes: The function for focusing on the previous client in the stacking order was broken and has been disabled, as it would occasionally cause clients to lose focus, and windows underneath to gain focus and be raised.


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