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Version 0.9.16 of aewm

Release Notes: A shape bug was fixed. MWM hints support was added. A small focusing fix was made.

Other releases

Release Notes: UTF-8 support was added, and various EWMH bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Virtual desktops were impemented, along with relevant portions of the EWMH spec. Maximized and shaded states were added. Both aewm and clients were changed to use EWMH struts instead of GNOME_PANEL_DESKTOP_AREA. A small command-line client to switch virtual desktops was added.

  •  15 Nov 2004 11:27

Release Notes: A bug in loading rc files was fixed. Two small memory leaks were patched.

  •  02 Oct 2004 11:22

Release Notes: Backslash quoting in rc files and zombie menu processes were fixed.

Release Notes: This release fixes compilation errors with GCC 3.2 and recent versions of libxft. Support for GTK+ 2.x was added. Cosmetic improvements were made to aepanel-gtk. The manual pages have been fixed for use on UTF-8 systems.


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