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aeDating is software to start your own online dating business. aeDating combines the functionality of a dating Web site and an entertainment portal. Its flexibility allows you to control almost every part of the site. aeDating's features include a user-friendly administration interface, support for multiple languages, uploading of photo, audio, and video files, virtual kisses, a site communicator, online chatting, an instant messenger system, featured profiles, and more.


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  •  09 Feb 2006 05:53

Release Notes: The membership system was improved and now there are several access levels for members. The system for files was improved, which makes navigating in the script easier for Web masters. The profile field system was improved, giving Web masters the ability to change profile fields in searches, join forms, and profiles. 14 new design templates were added. The possibility to upload pictures, video, and audio files was added.

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01 Mar 2008 09:45 Disable

They gave me a lame excuse saying oh we didn't touch ur database. they are not admiting they did something wrong. My site can't itself delete everything u know....i dont even have a backup.


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