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AdvanceCD is a bootable live CD, DVD, and USB disk that contains a minimal Linux distribution containing the AdvanceMAME emulator. You can boot it on any PC and play the contained games without any installation.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  11 May 2005 14:07

Release Notes: This release fixes the creation of large hard disk partitions.

  •  26 Feb 2005 06:43

Release Notes: This release fixes the CD image creation process in Windows.

  •  22 Feb 2005 13:52

Release Notes: This release improves the USB boot support, and removes the upper limit of 1 GB on USB disks.

  •  27 Dec 2004 11:06

Release Notes: This release improves the support of USB input devices and fixes some issues with the audio volume control.

  •  17 Jun 2004 09:59

Release Notes: This release adds support for booting from USB and Fixed disks.

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10 Feb 2007 01:15 tracynray

how to boot mame onto my computer
i have a mame machine, it boots up from the usb port, i clicked on makeusb, and that reloads the usbstick and i plug it back into my mame machine and it boots up fine. what i would like to know, is how do i get it to boot up onto another computer. can someone please help me, i need it explained as simple as it can be .thanks .

28 Jun 2005 20:47 cbaucom

Re: menu is won't load :o(
This is an easyone. Your monitor is either a LCD type or a non-multisync monitor. The sgalibs need a monitor's vertical sync range to be in a specific range... i think it was (60Hz - 85Hz). Eitherway, try changing your monitor.

31 May 2005 10:23 leeburstroghm

Cd begins to boot but I get a repeating error
No video modes available for your current configuration

I recieved the same error on advanceMAMEcd 2.5.0 Im now using advanceMAMECD 2.6.1

I do not understand. I copied my roms the the rom directory and the snapshots to the snap. I run makecd and It does not get to the menu. Help PLEASE... Am I missing a step? How does it work for everyone else? Is it a setting in my bios or my graphics card? It comes up to the advanceMAME loading... Splash screen..

Thanx for your help


24 Dec 2004 00:29 amadvance

Re: Display problems
Some are supported some not. It depends on the video board
Linux driver. When I will switch to the new 2.6 Linux kernel the support will improve. But for now the 2.4 video support is still better tested.

23 Dec 2004 19:47 liamgilmartin

Re: Display problems
As I have not got a reply since I asked this question more than a year ago, can I assume that TFT monitors are still not supported. I really would like to have a go at this and show it to my friends!

thanks - Liam


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