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adsuck is a small DNS server that spoofs blacklisted addresses and forwards all other queries. The idea is to be able to prevent connections to undesirable sites such as ad servers, crawlers, etc. It can be used locally, for the road warrior, or on the network perimeter in order to protect local machines from malicious sites.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Dec 2012 19:21

    Release Notes: Automatically watches for changes to resolv.conf and rereads it when that happens. This removes the need for external stimuli to force the reread (SIGHUP). Refreshes all the hosts files. Starts using libevent2 in favor of libevent.

    •  27 Sep 2012 17:40

      Release Notes: Updated hosts files. OS X support has been added.

      •  13 Feb 2012 17:34

        Release Notes: This release updates all hosts files (the previous hosts.yoyo was in the wrong format). It adds install targets to makefiles.

        •  09 Jan 2012 22:49

          Release Notes: This release updates hosts files. It has switched to git from cvs. It add additional stats. It fixes the dhclient script for OpenBSD where sometimes resolv.conf did not get updated.

          •  14 Apr 2011 19:02

            Release Notes: This release fixes a buffer underflow that could result in a crash. It adds SOA when replying NXDOMAIN. It has an Additional section when spoofing to an IP address. The dhclient script has been fixed. Updated hosts files from various sources.


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