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  •  14 Oct 2013 18:15

Release Notes: This version adds native support for MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Apache Hive, and Windows Azure. It also adds a full Git Client, Connection Clustering, performance improvements, and support for many new versions of already-supported relational databases.

  •  30 Apr 2012 21:16

Release Notes: This release adds support for the ParAccel Analytic Database, SQL Server 2012, SQL Log Capture Tool, SSH Browser for ProcFS on Unix machines, and many other enhancements to the ER Modeler and the application in general.

  •  04 Oct 2010 10:23

Release Notes: New features include a script development IDE, including a JavaScript editor and debugger for writing scripts to automate the functionality of the application using the new Open APIs, which are composed of 20 API packages ranging from archiving and charting to version control. Full native support was added for the Netezza Data Warehousing database. Many Chart package enhancements were made, including new World Map Chart. The DDL script generation of Table and Index partitioning information is supportsed for all databases supporting partitioning.


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A library for DWARF debug information reading/writing.


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John The Sorcerer

An adventure game based on the Simon the Sorcerer series.