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12 May 2009 12:41 Maedi Thumbs up

Very glad to see the recent activity on this project, and I may be able to contribute too. All the best.

09 Mar 2002 06:47 khali Thumbs up

Really impressive already, even if many things are still missing. For now, the only thing you have to do to go on is chatting with people, which becomes somewhat boring after a while. But as soon as inventory and experience/skills management will be implemented, I bet it will become far more interesting. Go on please, I'm waiting for enhancements with great impatience!

28 Jan 2002 22:02 ZhayTee Thumbs up

This game rules.
Yes. This game is the best.

Granted, I was involved in its creation.

But, still. ;P It's nifty.



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