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Adonthell is a role playing game in development that aims to combine the best features of the Final Fantasy and Ultima series with an epic plot. It is set in a detailed virtual world. With the current engine, a small demo game (Waste's Edge) is available.

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  •  07 May 2009 21:05

Release Notes: This release adds an NPC with a simple schedule and a dialogue containing information about Adonthell. In addition, there are the usual bugfixes and compatibility improvements, like support for GCC 4.4 and (still highly experimental) the upcoming SDL 1.3.

  •  04 Jun 2008 07:24

Release Notes: A bug with line-wrapping of UTF-8 encoded text was fixed. A segfault in conjunction with some combinations of freetype and SDL_ttf was fixed. Compatibility issues with GCC version 4.3 were fixed. Included copies of SDL_mixer and SDL_ttf were removed.

Release Notes: This release uses simple 3D models to represent game objects internally. This allows proper collision detection and response, such as bouncing back from or sliding along obstacles.

Release Notes: With version 0.4, Adonthell's engine has been completely modularized. Each module has its interface exposed to Python and can be used as a standalone Python module. On top of that, a first prototype of the new mapengine has been implemented, which allows more freedom and interaction with the game world.

Release Notes: This release adds support for TrueType fonts and a UTF-8 text format. Dutch and Italian translations have been added.

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12 May 2009 12:41 Maedi Thumbs up

Very glad to see the recent activity on this project, and I may be able to contribute too. All the best.

09 Mar 2002 06:47 khali Thumbs up

Really impressive already, even if many things are still missing. For now, the only thing you have to do to go on is chatting with people, which becomes somewhat boring after a while. But as soon as inventory and experience/skills management will be implemented, I bet it will become far more interesting. Go on please, I'm waiting for enhancements with great impatience!

28 Jan 2002 22:02 ZhayTee Thumbs up

This game rules.
Yes. This game is the best.

Granted, I was involved in its creation.

But, still. ;P It's nifty.



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